Once harvested, the Guérande coarse grey salt is stored for 1 to 2 years in dedicated warehouses at the salt works or delivered to TRAD Y SEL ready for processing. It will be processed to obtain several products:

  • grey sea salt : this is the most moist as it is directly from the salt marshes. It is a cooking salt which is suitable for all types of cooking and preparation. It is particularly recommended for cooking seafood, as well as for cooking in a salt crust, as it retains its moisture during cooking. It is also used to salt meat and fish.
  • coarse dried salt: it is dried at low temperatures to keep its chemical properties, then sieved. It can be used in salt mills or mixed with herbs or spices to suit your tastes.
  • Ground salt, which is coarse dried salt which has been crushed, is ideal for all uses where coarse salt, would not have time to melt, and where a even salting is required. In larger packaging, it is used by restaurants, food industry processors, bakers…
  • fine table salt: fine table salt is made from ground dried salt, which is sifted. Its regular grain size enables it to flow and not form clumps. In its shaker packaging, it can be used for seasoning and at the table.
  • Salt powder: this is the residue from successive grinding and sifting processes during the processing of the coarse dried salt. It is particularly fine and used by bakers and the food industry.