Photo of Gwenaël Rio, Founder of TRADYSEL

Independent and devoted Guérande salt producers

The TRADYSEL Guérande salt and flower of salt is 100% handmade, harvested by hand, every summer day on authentic saltworks maintained in original condition by generations of paludiers.

Thanks to an ancestral harvesting method, our product is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements.

TRADYSEL is a groupe of committed and independent paludiers, with a strong desire to perpetuate the traditions of the territory while attaching their freedom and identity.

Our approach builds on the traditions of the salt marshes, where we learned our trade at the old school. Even if we need to integrate external elements to develop, we never forget or minimise the dozens of generations of salt workers who went before us”.

Gwenaël Rio
Funder of TRADYSEL


100% Guerande

The exceptional Guérande salt made in Brittany

Located in South Brittany, the Guérande salt thousand-year-old tradition is perpetuated.

As heirs to this tradition, the founders of the TRAD Y SEL Company produce authentic Guérande salt and flower of salt, whilst guaranteeing the preservation of this exceptional site and this rare, natural product.

Pictures of Bowl of Coarse Guérande Salt

Flower of salt

The white gold of the sea, in the mouth texture and delicate flavour. The flower of salt is picked delicately on the surface of the water a few rare summer evenings. More


Coarse grey salt 

The coarse grey salt is harvested manually every summer day directly on the bottom of the salt marshes. Moist or dried, coarse salt is the best cooking salt. More


Ground salt and fine salt

The fine salt and ground salt are obtained from coarse dried grey salt which is then ground and sifted. More


The dried coarse salt

The coarse grey salt is simply dried and sifted for mill use or to be assembled. More


The powder 

The powder comes from the drying process grinding sieve used to obtain the dried coarse salt and ground salt. More

Regional heritage

The Guérande salt marshes

Extending over a surface of 1,720 hectares, the Guérande salt marshes constitute a priceless regional heritage. More than a thousand years of history are preserved in this site, which has been maintained by generations of salt workers (“paludiers”). The marshes are one of the few areas along the coast which have been preserved from industrial activities. They produce a natural product in a traditional way: sea salt and flower of salt. They are also a preservation area for marsh flora and fauna.

The Guérande Tradysel salt marshes in Batz-sur-mer- Guérande salt and flower of salt

Guérande Salt harvesting

The season takes place from June to September as soon as the weather conditions are favorable: sun, heat, wind, and absence of rain. Salt is harvested from carnations, these harvesting ponds are the purpose of a circuit where water evaporates little by little and is concentrated in Guérande salt.

Harvesting Guérande Tradysel salt in Batz-sur-mer - Guérande salt and flower of salt

Who are we

The company

“TRADYSEL is a groupe of committed and independent paludiers, with a strong desire to perpetuate the traditions of the territory while attaching their freedom and identity.”

TRAD Y SEL is a company of Guérande salt producers, based in Batz sur Mer, in South Brittany.

Created in 1999, it offers an alternative business model for the independent salt producers in the Guérande basin, and is today the third largest player in Guérande salt. The company TRAD Y SEL was created by salt workers from father to son who wished to control their sales and distribution channels, and by reducing the number of intermediaries. It owes its creation to passionate paludiers eager to share the fruit of their know-how while enhancing their terroir.

“The TRAD Y SEL company opened a new way for salt producers, far from the cooperative and multinational companies which act in the name of Guerande salt. It has always wanted to embody a third system and to be the extension of the agricultural activity of its producers. “

The company’s capital is 100% owned by Guérande salt producers. Fifteen associated producers deliver their salt and about thirty other salt workers trust TRADYSEL to pack and market their production.


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