Coarse grey salt TRADYSEL : 100% Guérande

The exceptional salt made in Brittany !

Our coars grey salt is harvested with the same tools that have been used for centuries and we use no additives. It therefore has nothing to compare with refined industrial salts which are harder and more aggressive. TRAD Y SEL Guérande salt is natural and rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium, trace elements), its taste is fine, without bitterness or spiciness.

Due to its harvesting on a clay background, its crystals are grey, friable, wet and perfectly assimilable. The flower of salt must be picked every day on the surface of the water, this technique gives it a unique and subtle texture.

TRADYSEL salt only comes from the Guérande basin. The coarse gray salt is simply sifted, the ground salt is obtained after transformation of the coarse salt according to a gentle and qualitative method. The fleur de sel is neither dried nor sieved. Each product in the range is available in packaging suitable for both professionals and individuals. We also market large grains and agricultural salt in big bags for agriculture and animal feed.

Coarse grey salt
Coarse grey salt

Coarse gray salt

The salt of choice for cooking !

In the Guérande peninsula, coarse gray salt is crumbly and naturally rich in mineral salts. This composition and the presence of marine microflora give it its particular taste. Grey salt is unwashed, unrefined and additive-free. Its richness gives it the characteristic of rehydrating in the presence of moisture.

TRAD Y SEL Guérande coarse gray salt is harvested every day in summer from the clay beds of the salt marshes. This specific nature gives it its grey colour, which must not be too pronounced, and its porous, crumbly crystals. During harvesting, the saturated mother waters settle in the grain.
Macronutrients and oligo elements are trapped when it dries. Grey salt is not washed or refined, as these soluble elements would be the first to disappear.

Guérande salt has the characteristic of hydrating very rapidly, by absorbing moisture in the air.

Tradysel - G. Rio. - Coarse grey salt


TRADYSEL coarse gray Guérande salt is harvested manually every summer day directly from the bottom of the salt marshes. This feature tints it gray and makes it naturally rich in magnesium and trace elements, its crystals are porous and friable.

Once harvested, the coarse salt is stored for at least 1 to 2 years in salt marshes or at TRADYSEL, before being packaged and marketed.


Wet or dried, coarse gray salt is the cooking salt par excellence. It is your ideal kitchen companion for cooking your food. It is recommended for salted meats, cooked dishes, and the preparation of boiled foods (pot au feu, fish, pasta, rice, vegetables).

Its high moisture content makes it the best salt on the market for cooking in a salt crust.

The specificities

In the peninsula of Guérande the coarse salt is harvested every day directly on the clay. The presence of marine microflora in its composition contributes to its particular taste.

It is not washed or refined and contains no additives, its composition gives it the particularity to rehydrate in the presence of the least humidity. Its complexity is unique in the world.

The tool of the salt worker : the “las”

Traditional tool used to collect coarse gray salt directly from clay. It consists of a very long handle of about 5 meters fixed perpendicularly to a beveled wooden board, called “maille”.