The profession of paludier

The profession of paludier is guided by nature.

The marsh is a «great lady» we are only his servants, we will pass, and if we worked well, he will survive us.

Charles Rio
Father of the founder of Tradysel

profession of paludier

Nearly 380 salt producers, real farmers of the sea, called «salt workers» exploit these salt pans in respect of the ancestral tradition. There are about 12,000 « œillets » that produce about 15,000 tonnes of salt sold annually. Today, the average size of a salt marsh is 50 to 60 « œillets ». Salt production remains today a pillar of the primary economy of the Guérandaise peninsula.

So we must not minimize the generations of salt beds that followed us. Between land and sea, the Guérande Paludiers perpetuate the traditions of a craft in the heart of nature on a unique territory.

We work on authentic saltworks maintained in original condition by generations of salt workers. Thanks to an ancestral harvesting method, our product is artisanal and natural.

We are the heirs of a millennial know-how and TRADYSEL continues to install new paludiers also promoting the sustainability of their exploitation. Our palaudiers are a living guarantee and thus contribute to the preservation of this exceptional site, more than a thousand years old, without making it a museum or a natural reserve, but a profitable workplace, preserving employment, history and a remarkable ecosystem.