The traditions

Bathed between the sea and the salt marshes, Batz-sur-Mer, a small town full of character, organizes major events every year such as the pardon of Saint-Guénolé and the Nuits Salines.

Tradysel is an official partner of local festivities. We support events in favor of Breton culture.

Le pardon Saint-Guénolé

A centenary event in Batz-sur-Mer. The Saint-Guénolé pardon is organized to bless the salt workers and their salt.

A religious festival mixed with tradition, the Pardon Saint-Guénolé stages a traditional wedding in salt worker costumes.

Leaving from the Chapelle du Mûrier, the old statue of the Patron Saint is carried in procession through the streets of the city, while the population sings the “tad benniget” (blessed father in Breton). Deposited in the church, Saint-Guénolé was then offered salt, the fruit of the work of the salt workers.

After the mass, place to the festivities: the procession is then made in honor of the “bride of the day” in traditional costume, followed by a party in the park of Petit Bois.

Les Nuits Salines

The “Les Nuits Salines” festival in Batz-sur-Mer is above all moments of great conviviality, which allow residents of the country of salt workers and people passing through the town or the region, to meet, to celebrate together and share their cultures.